famAs a little girl, I dreamed of having a large family. I wanted four kids–two boys and two girls–and I wanted my house filled with sounds of laughter and a feeling of abundant love.

Well, I got my large family–one girl and three boys–but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My heart is only big enough for one girl, and she fills it entirely, and my personality fits right along with my boys. It’s a perfect balance. And, my house isn’t always filled with laughter, sometimes its filled with screaming and crashing noises–that really sound worse than they really are–but its always filled with love, even if one of my boys is screaming, “I hate you,” at the top of his lungs to his brother.

However, my abundant tribe doesn’t stop there! We invited our young adult-but-really-still-a-child nephew from Pennsylvania to stay with us until he is confident to walk on his own, which we hope to be in 2018…no pressure though 😉

Sensing some extra elbow room, we invited two foreign exchange students into our home. They will only be here for the 2017/18 school year, but will forever be in our hearts. We could have never imagined how enriched our lives would be after bringing in two foreign strangers, but it is and more!

My days of cooking large on a tiny budget has prepared me for these days, along with finding fun family things to do for free or close to free.

We are also a lover of boxers. We just acquired our 5th one! I know, I know, that’s a lot of dogs, but it wouldn’t be an abundant tribe if it wasn’t, well, abundant! What can I say, we LOVE these dogs, actually they are like children to us. Every member of the family loves them. They create games with the kids, entertain the stuffing out of us, and are some of the best cuddlers. Not to mention the greeting when you come home from being gone for five minutes…I mean have you ever seen a boxer wiggle?! Cutest. Thing. Ever! Don’t worry, we take good care of them. They are all spayed, or neutered, up to date on all vaccines, on heart worm preventative, and well fed…although a couple of them don’t look like it. What can I say, they run like a bajillion miles a second and can’t keep fat on their bones.

I’m a writer, and have no shame in sharing some of my moments of bumbling through raising a large family, pursuing a career, cooking for what feels like a million people, navigating boxer butt obstacles, along with whatever else comes to mind.

I couldn’t do any of what I do if I didn’t have my best friend, and love of my life by my side! We just passed our 19th anniversary of being a couple, and are soon to celebrate 14 years of marriage. It has had many good and some not so good moments along the way. I will share more as time passes.


Welcome to my ABUNDANT TRIBE!


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