Love Notes


I unpacked my lunch when I got to work one morning, and I found something that made me melt like a Popsicle on the 4th of July.

Being a mom of four children, sometimes I wonder, “do they even hear me? Is everything I am teaching them sticking?” I have to be honest, sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. Then, they will do something unexpected and I know they do hear. They are learning.

My kids pack their lunches for school and I slip a little note in their lunch box. Something that tells them I am thinking of them, or an encouraging word. They love them! Who knew a little note would be something they respond to? I mean, I pour my words of affirmation and love over them all the time, but there seems to be something extra about the note. When I can’t think of something to write, (being a writer you would think that would never happen, but it does) or if I am tired and forget; disappointment glazes their little faces. It feels like a kick in the gut! I try really hard to write notes, or I will delegate the note writing task to their daddy.

So, one morning, I found a surprise in my lunch box. One of my kids had slipped a little note in for me! I felt so special that he would think of me! This happened a few years ago, and I stowed it away for safe keeping. Then, the other night, my youngest son came to me and said, “Momma, I want to write a note for my sister and daddy.” He knew what message he wanted to say already, I just supervised him and stood by in case he needed my help.

The next evening, my daughter (who is about to be 17!) came in with a grin that filled her face. She said, “Momma, did you see the note he gave me?” She was over the moon! Her voice was an octave or two higher and she was totally gaga. It was that something extra that made her burst. It was quite cute to see her so excited to have this note. She stored it away for safe keeping too.

I sat back and soaked it all in, not only do they hear me and learn from me; they also express their love like me. That is my something extra.

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