#1 Favorite Children’s Book

A few years ago, I purchased a book from the Scholastic book fair at my son’s elementary school, and it has became an all time favorite of mine. Scholastic (or whoever is in charge of this) is very smart in organizing book fairs close to Halloween. I use this time to pick up a few new books to read during the month of October, and sometimes I find year round favorites.

i-need-my-monster-coverI Need My Monster is a fun book about a little boy who is missing the monster that lives under his bed. The boy’s monster, Gabe, has gone fishing and will not be back for a week. The boy is afraid he will never get to sleep without a monster. The boy knocks on the floor and a substitute monster appears, but it isn’t what the boy wants. Several more monsters come and go through the night, none of which meet the boys expectations. Finally, his monster returns and all is right with the world again.

While reading the book, I like to change my voice to fit the monster that has come to audition. My kids and I laugh and laugh. While reading to other groups of children, I have had a front row seat to watch their faces light up. They are completely captivated by the story. My favorite voice to read, is the voice of Mac. I read Mac with my tongue sticking out, because his tongue is unusually long. Giggles erupt every time!

I find that a fun extension to this story is for kids to create their own monster under the bed. They can activate their imagination by brainstorming his/her attributes, personality, likes/dislikes, etc.

This story is a highly loved year round favorite for my entire family. The author, Amanda Noll, announced a sequel on her website! I cannot wait until Hey, That’s My Monster! comes out this Fall.

Go out and get a copy of the book and let me know what you think about it!


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