Short Tails: Jazmine


My husband and I have owned many different breeds as we tried to find the perfect one for our family. He was a fan of Pit Bulls, I was not. I was a fan of Golden Retrievers, he was not. My husband wanted something masculine and tough looking. I wanted something loving and gentle. Some of his family members owned boxers and they seemed to be a perfect package, sweet dogs that also fit the manly type of dog he desired. So we bought one, named her Jazmine and forever sealed the deal, we are boxer owners.

Jazmine was not like any dog I had ever owned. She was a natural when it came to obedience. She didn’t destroy things and was even easy to house train. Her unique amber colored eyes would pierce right through you. Looking in them, you could tell there was so much going on in there. She is also our most animated out of all our boxers. We have conversations with our dogs (it is not weird, it is a way of life for most pet owners) but when we talked to Jaz, she turned her head, this way and that as if she wanted to make sure she caught every word we spoke.

In her younger days, she was half kangaroo. She could bounce and jump for hours. It was highly entertaining to watch. All of our pets will earn a nickname. Honestly, I don’t know why we bother naming them when we end up giving them another name we use more often; hers, is Beaner. Who knows how she got this, but it has stuck.

For this short tale of our family’s first short tail, I wanted to tell a story of when I realized that boxers are the most amazing dogs. The moment that forever sealed the deal in my heart.

I was a stay at home mom. At the time, I had three children, two of which were in school. One morning after dropping the two at school, my then three year-old and I sat in the backyard so he could run out some energy–the child not the dog. I sat amazed as I watched him pick up a toy and run from her, and she chased him! They were playing tag! After some racing about, he finally let her have the toy, and off she went. He then had to chase her. He was much slower than she, but he tried hard to keep up. When he lagged behind she would stop and wait for him. As he neared –zoom!–she was off again. My son would get so frustrated because he could not get the toy from her. I would command her to “drop it” and she would. She would wait and let him take the toy and then the game started all over again. It was simply amazing. This dog created a game to play with my child and she was very respectful and obedient, naturally!

I know not all boxers are like this, but now having three of them, they are all unique and wonderful in their own way. Jazmine, is truly special. She is passed her expected expiration date and we can tell she is nearing the end. When the day does come for us to say goodbye, our hearts will break. Sure, we will have the memories of how much we loved her and how well she loved all of us, but a part of us will always long for her. I believe her legacy lives on in the boxers she has lived with over the years. She has taught them how to behave, how to be gentle and how to love. This Watson family hearts boxers, because boxers share their hearts with us.


There is no better seat than on her sister!


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