Teeny tiny fork & knife?


When I was a child, maybe 9 years old, my little sister came home from visiting family (we have different dads) with a story that got both of us wondering…is there a teeny, tiny fork and knife inside a peach seed? That is the tale an older adult told her, but I knew better. I had gained a lot of wisdom in my nine years of life, and I was very generous in sharing that with my younger sister 🙂

“There is no way that is true,” I told her. However, in the back of my mind, I wondered…what if? “But, I will help you break open a seed just to see that I am right.” See, how generous I was?

We obtained peach seeds from who knows where, and we gathered every type of tool you could imagine; hammer, nails, knives, forks, chainsaw (OK, not really a chainsaw). We sat on the concrete steps of our little duplex and set to work. We pounded. We dug. We grumbled. We dug some more. Finally, we were tired and had gotten no where. This little peach seed was impenetrable.

“Well, maybe we aren’t supposed to get inside of it,” my little sister chimed. She was only five, she lacked the wisdom I had.

“Perhaps you are right,” I responded. However, in the back of my mind, I declared that I was far from done. I would conquer this little peach seed, satisfy my curiosity and either be a hero to my little sister or prove to her that I am always right. Either way, it was a win-win for me.

That evening, after everyone was nestled in their beds, I set to work again. I sawed (with a butter knife), tried to pry with a hammer, tried to jam forks and steak knives into the little seed. No luck. I picked up the little seed, held it close to my eyes to examine it when I heard a noise from inside. I gave it a little shake, and it rattled. There was something inside of there and I had jostled it loose. As I shook the seed, I imagined the teeny, tiny fork and knife tumbling around inside.

The next morning, I announced to my sister that there was in fact a teeny, tiny fork and knife inside. I held the seed to her ear and shook it. Her eyes grew wide with excitement when she heard the little rattle. Working to maintain my “wise older sister” title, I told her another tale.

“You see there is a tiny fork and knife in here, but if we open it, the air will evaporate them and we will never get to see them.” She took the seed and shook it. I could see she was thinking about what I said. Then, I could see her face settle. I had her. She totally believed me.

Then, she dropped the seed and ran off. “Oh well, who cares?” she said. She may be a wiser 5 year-old than I thought.

Years later, I happened across a peach seed that was broke open. I finally got to solve the mystery. Want to know what I saw? Well, you will have to discover that for yourself.

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