Short Tails: Dalila the book lover


me and lula 2

She is wiggly, sweet, independent, trouble, entertaining, etc. I could go on and on about the unique qualities of Dalila, but the one that stands out the most, to me, is her love for books.

Dalila is my girl, although she does enjoy her daddy, I picked her and trained her. Out of all of my boxers, she is the most like me. I adore her. As I work to build my writer’s platform, she will be my sidekick.

Dalila is five years old and has already had two cancer spots cut off. She has blown out her anal gland and knee, twice. She keeps us busy at the vet, so I joke and say she is trouble, but sometimes the ones that are the most trouble are the ones that end up being the best.

She has a zest for life that is inspiring. It is impossible to stay in a grumpy mood when you see her wiggle with excitement when she greets you. She truly does have the best boxer wiggle.

She has a tendency to get into things and destroy them. She doesn’t tear up shoes or purses or other things dogs commonly eat. Nope, this girl is a book lover. Like me, she cannot resist the smell of a book. The adventure that awaits within the covers. The crinkle of the spine when you first open it. The rustle of the pages as they are strummed. It is what leads me to go broke purchasing, and it is what leads her to devour books-cover to cover.

When I first discovered her love, I have to admit, I was angry. The book was just getting good. I dog-eared the page (don’t judge me, that is how I roll), and laid the book on the table by my bed. The next morning I wake up to see pages flying around my room. The spine of the book lay in shards of gooey boxer drool. I did not have to wonder who the culprit could possibly be because Dalila’s face gave it all away. She had that, “I did a bad thing, but really I couldn’t resist, please don’t be mad.” I scolded her and cleaned up. I decided to repurchase the book electronically so that I could finish it, safely.


She thinks she’s human

I have left other books out, and she has not touched a single one. Once, she chose a book, at random from the bottom of a pile, leaving the others untouched. Then, a friend of mine wrote and published a book. It was brand spanking new and had that amazing new book smell. She ate my autographed copy, so I borrowed my mom’s because again, I was in the good part and had to finish. I walked out of the room for a literal minute and the book met its demise. She never worked that fast before! At that moment, it became clear to me that; A) Dalila especially loves new books, and B) She has turned into a book addict…just like me.

Now, I leave all of my books tucked away in drawers, but it got me thinking, “How can I spin this to a positive?” Then it hit me! I will appoint her as my sidekick. In the future, I hope to bring her to book readings with me. Well, as long as she promises to be on her best behavior…

In the meantime, I am going to take her along on my adventures of taking pictures and exploring elements from the story I am working to market.

lula and peaches

Tasting peaches for my story, RUBY’S PEACHES



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