Spring Break Bigfoot hunt!


Spring Break is a time when families pack up and head out to the various beaches or large cities for springtime fun and activities. My family and I have enjoyed spring vacations when we had the budget or paid time off. However, we have also had times when our budget would only allow a fun staycation instead. One of our favorite staycations is one all of us are still talking about and it didn’t cost us a penny. We went on a Bigfoot hunt.

We started our week with messy science projects to include making things called “goop,” and of course the always-awesome exploding volcano. We added in a few art projects, sidewalk chalk designs, and a visit to the local park. Towards the end of the week, we were longing for a little adventure in the great outdoors, and hunting for Bigfoot seemed like the perfect remedy.

In our area, there are several options for a woodsy hiking trail and is the perfect place to hunt for the large furry man-like creature. We gathered baggies for collecting hair and waste (poop) specimens, a note pad and pen for drawing footprints, and Captain-Crunch cereal for bait. There isn’t any evidence that says the bigfooted monster enjoys any type of cereal, it was just something I made up.

In addition to making up things that would be sure to catch a Bigfoot, I also had to make up some ways to keep the kids interested. The year prior, one of my boys was a werewolf for Halloween. We still had the mask with the perfect shade of hair. I snuck and clipped some hair from the mask and stowed it away in my own baggie.

At the trail, we took our time exploring all of the features the trail has to offer, gathering evidence I secretly planted, and investigating the different forms of waste and footprints we discovered. Towards the end of the trail, we placed the kids in a more remote area. We directed them to spread mud on their faces so that Bigfoot couldn’t smell them, sprinkle bait on the ground and then bang two sticks together to lure Bigfoot. I have to admit that watching my bright-eyed children with mud-smeared faces bang sticks together was highly entertaining. We sat down and waited to see if anything would happen. I looked around and noticed strange plants lining the ground. I leaned over towards my husband and whispered, “Are these Marijuana plants?” He shook his head, “No.” After a few minutes of research, I discovered they were Texas Buckeyes.

“What? Marijuana? Maybe Bigfoot likes marijuana.” Said my ever-perceptive son.

“No, they are Texas Buckeyes.” I told him. However, marijuana was a much more interesting story. He filled in his brother and sister with the exciting news, leaving out the truth I told him.

“It’s not marijuana.” I told my excited children. My husband corroborated the fact.

As we headed out on the main path in, many people were coming and going. My son pulls his hair sample out of his baggie, presses it to his nose, takes a big sniff, and proclaims loudly, “Yep, smells like marijuana!” I didn’t know if I should be proud that my son is a near replica of his mother or to be embarrassed and worried that people would think I participated in the illegal activity. I decided to settle on satisfaction for a fun day had by all, and a fun story to tell others.

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