Blue-cheese Burgers

blue cheese burger

I know these aren’t the most beautiful food pictures, but I’m not a photographer. However, you can see the blue cheese in the burger, and the layer of green tomato and romaine lettuce.

I love a good hamburger, and I especially love all the fixings piled on top. This burger is super easy, yummy, and has a little topping twist that you might not have thought to place on a burger…but you will be glad you did! 

This recipe is really easy, you just take three pounds of hamburger meat (remember I feed a lot of folks, so feel free to reduce as needed) and mix in about 1/8th of a cup of Worcestershire sauce and salt and pepper to taste. Mix by hand, and fold in two, four ounce containers of blue-cheese crumbles. You want the crumbles to stay whole, so lightly fold them into the meat mixture.

Then I take about a baseball size wad of meat and smash it into a perfectly round patty. Keep smashing until you have used all of your meat.

I prefer to throw these on the grill, but they would be just fine cooked in a skillet on the stove. Cook to your desired done-ness.

Now for the topping twist…

As a girl from the south, I had heard and my mouth watered over a southern treat, but I had never laid my taste buds on one.

A fried green tomato!

Even being in the south, we didn’t have green tomatoes at our local grocery store. Now we do :). So, I was very excited one Saturday morning when I passed by a farmer’s market booth and noticed the green fruit or vegetable–whatever you want to label it–and I grabbed them up and rushed home to make them. I thought it would be the most tasty to soak them in buttermilk, bread them and then eat. Well, they were a little too tart for me. So, I like to soak mine in sweet milk, or otherwise known as regular milk, before breading. They are perfect.

My mom grabbed her second, or third and said, I don’t really like these, but for some strange reason she kept eating mine…go figure.

So, one day I made burgers, and fried green tomatoes and decided to toss one of those bad boys onto my burger and wow! Deliciously unexpected! Yes, my mom will say she loves these burgers, many in my family do, except my husband, but that because he refuses to eat any tomato, no matter the color.

So here’s the recipe, enjoy!

Blue-cheese burgers:

Three pounds ground beef (your choice of leanness)

Worcestershire sauce – I use about 2 tbs/pound of meat, but I just tossed in about a quarter of a cup in the three pounds

Salt and pepper to taste

8 oz blue cheese crumbles – alter according to your like for blue-cheese. I am not really a fan of it, but I do like it in a burger.

Mix the meat, sauce and seasoning by hand. Gently fold in the blue-cheese crumbles until incorporated and not eviscerated. Take a wad of meat, about the size of a baseball or tennis ball, and roll then smash into a patty. Keep going until all the meat is pattied, and then throw them on the grill or a hot skillet.

Fried Green Tomatoes:

Green tomatoes, sliced thin

Sweet milk – I use 2% from my fridge- about a half a cup per tomato

half a cup of corn meal

cup of flour

1/2 tbs of paprika

sprinkle of garlic, onion powder, and salt and pepper – to taste

Place the dry ingredients in a dish and mix. Pour milk in a shallow dish (I love using pie plates for this) and place the green tomato slices in the milk to soak. I don’t use an egg mixture for my coating, I just take the milk soaked tomato and place it straight in the dry mixture until well coated, and then place it in a pan of hot oil. You can also use a fryer, if you prefer. Cook until golden and crispy. They are so good.

*These were also really good on a BBQ pulled pork sandwich*

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