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I have a column that runs in the Community Voices, once per month. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Christmas traditions

Abundant tribe Thanksgiving

Watson family Monster Mash

New family members…exchange students!

Preparing for school and exchange students

Farm-to-table jelly


Day 5 of Christmas cookies- Shortbread!



Santa will leave you the best presents if you leave him these!


I’ve been making these cookies for a few years and are always a huge hit. One particular math teacher loves the cookies down to her toes!  Continue reading

Day 2 of Christmas Cookies: Cheesecake Cookies!


Cheesecake Cookies

On a recent trip to Pennsylvania, I bought many packages of graham crackers for a great price at an Amish store. I didn’t want them to go stale, so I brainstormed ways to use them. This cookie recipe is one of the ways I used them, and I’m so glad I did! These cookies are delicious, especially with my homemade jelly in the center. Continue reading

The Scavengers

Deep in the forest among the towering redwoods, is a village. The village is constructed from discarded items, cans, clothing, radios, boxes, wheels, and any other usable item that people deemed as trash.

Discarded produce is ground up and used as the richest compost to grow the largest and freshest fruits and vegetables anyone has ever laid eyes on, but only one or two people have ever laid eyes on them. The sewing, reaping and looking belong to the growers of the produce. The ones that find a useful purpose for discarded things are small ancient creatures. Continue reading

Blue-cheese Burgers

blue cheese burger

I know these aren’t the most beautiful food pictures, but I’m not a photographer. However, you can see the blue cheese in the burger, and the layer of green tomato and romaine lettuce.

I love a good hamburger, and I especially love all the fixings piled on top. This burger is super easy, yummy, and has a little topping twist that you might not have thought to place on a burger…but you will be glad you did!  Continue reading