Spring Break Bigfoot hunt!


Spring Break is a time when families pack up and head out to the various beaches or large cities for springtime fun and activities. My family and I have enjoyed spring vacations when we had the budget or paid time off. However, we have also had times when our budget would only allow a fun staycation instead. One of our favorite staycations is one all of us are still talking about and it didn’t cost us a penny. We went on a Bigfoot hunt. Continue reading


Short Tails: Dalila the book lover


me and lula 2

She is wiggly, sweet, independent, trouble, entertaining, etc. I could go on and on about the unique qualities of Dalila, but the one that stands out the most, to me, is her love for books. Continue reading

Short Tails: Jazmine


My husband and I have owned many different breeds as we tried to find the perfect one for our family. He was a fan of Pit Bulls, I was not. I was a fan of Golden Retrievers, he was not. My husband wanted something masculine and tough looking. I wanted something loving and gentle. Some of his family members owned boxers and they seemed to be a perfect package, sweet dogs that also fit the manly type of dog he desired. So we bought one, named her Jazmine and forever sealed the deal, we are boxer owners. Continue reading

Santa Claus, perhaps he is real after all


When I was a child, I LOVED Santa Claus. Sure, I loved that he gave gifts, but mostly I loved him because of his kindness, gentleness and jolliness. I was drawn to him every Christmas through stories of children being blessed with gifts and reigniting their belief in him. My heart broke through the stories that showed adults no longer believed and then watched with tear-filled eyes as they finally witnessed the miracle of Christmas and their minds and hearts were transformed. I joke and say that when I grow up, I want to be Mrs. Claus. My husband would fit the role of Santa with no trouble, well if he gained more weight and was older. The point is I am attracted to the giving, loving and joyful heart. I adore it. But, Santa is a lie…or is he? Continue reading

Can kindness start a chain reaction?


This past Sunday after church, we went a different way home. The day was wet and cold, the kind of cold that chills you to the bone, as only Texas weather can do. We were at a stop light, next to McDonald’s. A man, who looked to be in his 30’s, was holding a sign asking for money or something. Honestly, I did not look at it because someone else caught my attention. An older man was walking across the street (from the McDonald’s parking lot). He was slowly shuffling with a cane in hand over to the panhandler. The older man said some words and the younger man shook his head and said the word, “no.” I could not hear him but I knew from reading his mouth that is what he said. Continue reading

1st day of 1st grade; 1st day of a broken heart

I waited by the double doors of the school for my babysitter to pick me up. I looked up at the roof of the metal awning and wondered if my papa would think I had a good first day of first grade. I wasn’t much of a worrier, but something had me worried this day. I look and see my ride pull up, but instead of my babysitter it was my mom and nana, but I welcomed the pleasant surprise. I hopped in the car and greeted them, but they were quiet, not like themselves at all. Little did I know that my pleasant surprise would turn into total devastation. Continue reading